Synthium+ for Healthcare Providers

If you’re a medical office with cashflow challenges, rising costs and staff turnovers, we help you with procuring supplies without additional overheads such as new staff/training or purchasing a new system. Please join Synthium+ program and here are the benefits:

  • Expert account manager who reviews your procurement needs at no additional cost (credit card purchases).
  • Replenishment supplies periodically and/or as needed.
  • No need to hire or train procurement personnel.
  • User Friendly and Secure Platform.
  • Nominal subscription fee.
Synthium Health

Simplify & Optimize

Engage, align and transact with trading partners on our all-cloud platform that simplifies the B2B supply chain experience.

Create Efficiencies

Drive the supply chain process with synchronization and automation, reducing the need for manual work.

Go Digital

Transform the way you work with smart technologies, in-house or on the move, and watch as you build agility.

How Synthium+ can save you time and cost via dedicated Account Manager?
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Who Is Synthium Health?

Synthium Health is a US based healthcare supplies platform solving procurement challenges for healthcare providers and assisting manufacturers to reach their market potential. We supply users of the platform with tools that help them transact transparently and efficiently.

Synthium Health uses our unmatched “Synthium+” program to streamline the procurement process of medical supplies. “Synthium+” connects healthcare providers with an expert Account Manager that facilitates the procurement of supplies and scheduling of inventory fulfillment on your behalf.

Your Account Manager acts as your personal medical supply assistant, tasked with saving you time and money. They work closely with you to understand your medical supply needs and help you to fill these efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible.

Synthium provides you with an easy to use platform to maintain, update and track all transactions from sourcing to settlement and enables on-demand reporting, streamlining your purchasing process.

Simplify & Optimize

Create Efficiencies

Simplify & Optimize

Create Efficiencies


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