Synthium for Healthcare Providers, Suppliers and Others

Synthium health is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that aims to transform the healthcare supply chain by connecting healthcare professionals with medical suppliers, manufacturers, and sales reps using dedicated data analytics/management algorithms and Account Managers.  

Optimize the way the healthcare supply chain works and be a part of the groundbreaking innovation at Synthium. Our team will work with you to streamline your requirements and redefine your business.


Synthium Health

Simplify & Optimize

Engage, align and transact with trading partners on our all-cloud platform that simplifies the B2B supply chain experience.

Create Efficiencies

Drive the supply chain process with synchronization and automation, reducing the need for manual work.

Go Digital

Transform the way you work with smart technologies, in-house or on the move, and watch as you build agility.

How Synthium+ can save you time and cost via dedicated Account Manager?
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About Synthium Health


We are a healthcare supply platform based in the United States that offers innovative supply-chain solutions to healthcare practitioners and manufacturers.

How do we do this? You ask….
We give you automation and intelligence tools to conduct business efficiently and honestly.

Synthium is a collaborative ecommerce and analytics platform that leverages the strategic alliance between healthcare supply chain participants such as providers, manufacturers and others through our team of Account Managers.  

Healthcare Providers

  • Synthium Health streamlines the purchase of medical goods by linking healthcare providers with a knowledgeable Account Manager who arranges the supply purchases and inventory fulfillment schedule on your behalf.
  • Synthium offers you a simple platform to update, monitor, and track all transactions from sourcing to settlement. This platform also enables on-demand reporting.
  • We assist medical offices in obtaining supplies without incurring additional costs such as hiring new employees, providing them with training, or investing in new equipment.
  • Improve your collections and revenue by providing your patients with flexible payment options.
  • Utilize our machine learning platform to comprehend your data, foresee prospective future trends, and enhance your company’s operations.
  • Healthcare professionals can also benefit from the social networking platform to engage and collaborate professionally.

Transcend the way you work with cutting-edge innovation.

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  • Synthium Health is a new social networking and online shopping site designed specifically for healthcare professionals (including providers, manufacturers, distributors and sales reps).
  • Your company’s growth necessitates the use of an E-commerce platform, but creating, hosting, and maintaining your own website takes a significant amount of time and resources. Use the Synthium platform if you want to be the best at what you do by utilizing the capital to grow instead of investing in building the platform.
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual processes and increase profits by streamlining your sales process with catalog management, automated receivables/collection, machine learning/analytics and reports, and online payment processing.


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Simplify & Optimize

Create Efficiencies

Simplify & Optimize

Create Efficiencies


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