About Synthium Health

The mission of Synthium Health is to provide healthcare providers and suppliers with excellence in automated supply chain management solutions. By remaining flexible and adaptive to the evolving needs of our healthcare community, we help members achieve a measurable difference in the form of cost savings, operational efficiency, and supplies/inventory visibility and management.

Converging healthcare with technologies to create an intelligent platform

Synthium Health is a cloud-based, digital information and commerce platform engineered exclusively for the healthcare industry. We offer automated supply chain management solutions that create remarkable experiences between trading partners by driving engagement and conversion.

Synthium Health helps providers and suppliers come together in a single community to discover and collaborate in marketplaces, eliminating the middleman. Leveraging the latest technologies and online solutions, our customers cut operational costs, maximize efficiencies, grow revenues and build long-lasting relationships.

We named our company Synthium Health because it integrates the power of synergy and synthesis between providers and suppliers, who come together in cooperation to positively impact the healthcare system. Synthium Health is a place to do business – and a place to communicate with colleagues and learn about products, breakthroughs and best practices.

Experience the Synthium Health Supply Chain Management Platform