Content Management

Create Engaging and Compelling Content and Product Description To Increase Conversion Rates

Take advantage of the Synthium Health’s content management solution to influence the purchasing decision of your potential customers. With the use of integrated tools on Synthium, you can create content that will make an emotional connection with your customers. Your customers can easily find and buy what they need, your lead generation will increase significantly, and this will help to change the perception of your company and products.
With the following content management tools, your strategies for making eStore visitors take action will be improved:


Product & Catalog Content Management

Create, edit and manage product data such as attributes, assets and specifications in a simple, user-friendly web interface and process flow. Our product content management tool allows for easy synchronization across categories, catalogs and sites. Provide details to your catalogs with information such as pricing, categorization, inventory and SKUs.


Imaging & Video Management

Encourage purchasing, boost conversion and increase revenue by managing your collection of high-resolution images and videos, simply and quickly. Images are uploaded once and automatically propagated to the right size and format, while videos for product demos can be streamed directly from YouTube.


Web Content Management

Drive traffic, build awareness and generate sales by creating, editing and managing attractive business and branded sites. Site content is maintained on a master structure that can include non-product related sections and pages and integrate with targeted advertising.


Guided Navigation

Create satisfying visitor experiences that guide customers to what they want. With Synthium Health’s guided navigation tool, establish efficient paths for customers to find the most relevant products, services and information, in the least amount of time.


Site & Product Search

Drive higher conversions and customer loyalty by building a search engine into the site and product catalog. The interface allows for controlling guided search and browsing, relevancy ranking, product ranking, pricing categories, and search results filtering.

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