Digital Commerce

Get an automated all-in-one retail and e-commerce management platform

Power up your sales without any in-house expenses and with our Blockchain technology and marketplace management best practice, you can make sales online, in-store or anywhere in-between.

The bidding process, inventory management, contracts, pricing, order management to final invoice payments can be achieved seamlessly. The Synthium platform is designed to streamline and automate the process using exceptional Blockchain technology. Free up your time and save you on costs, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business

This a perfect platform that provides the desirable tools and everything needed by health care Manufacturers, GPOs, Distributors and Providers to be successful.


Customer Management

Manage your customer overview list and assign different roles to each: Buyer, Approver and Account Admin. Buyers manage purchases and create quotes, while Approvers approve pending orders, on top of Buyer capabilities. Account admins can add or remove users from the customer list, edit profile information, assign roles and budget thresholds for each customer.


Tender Management

Build your network of buyers and manage the bidding-for-business process, all in one environment.  Connect with prospects through Synthium Health’s intuitive RFX tools, while viewing and managing your RFIs, RFPs and RFQs or auctions in real-time.


Inventory Management & Optimization

Synthium Health’s powerful engine allows you to view and manage product-level inventory in real-time and helps reduce excess inventory.  Maximize inventory profitability by promoting products to your customers with our rules-based engine that moves excess and profitable products through the pipeline by ensuring top visibility on category pages and search result rankings.


Contract & Pricing Management

Drive sales and stronger compliance with automated and accelerated contracts powered by Synthium Health.  Easily collaborate with customers to create long-term contracts, negotiate pricing and manage agreements efficiently, reducing the risks and lost savings found through paper and ink contracts.


Order & Shipping Management

Simplify the entire order-to-shipment process with our robust system, getting real-time visibility into each step.  Built-in workflows and automation help you scale and efficiently handle more order volume from across multiple warehouses and distribution centers.


eInvoicing & Payment Management

Lower costs, improve efficiencies and speed up your cash flow in your order-to-cash cycle.  Synthium Health relieves dependencies on paper-based invoices, increases payment opportunities in long-cycle times with early-pay discounts, eliminates errors through real-time visibility into orders, billing history, invoicing and payment statuses, and helps control payments. The platform is programmed to accept payments via echeck, credit card/ debit card and as a future integration, will accept cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH/SHP etc.) so your customers have more ways to pay, and you get paid faster.

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