Get a comprehensive view of your customers and build a long lasting relationship.

The efficiency of the Synthium platform makes it easier for you to reduce the effort it takes to conclude business transactions. Listening and attending to your customer’s needs and desires can be done promptly and without stress – giving you the opportunity to develop trust and achieve a higher customer retention rate.

In this new era of networking, customers are connected by web, social media, devices and email, and they expect answers at the speed of NOW. With Synthium Health’s meeting center tools such as instant messaging and live chat, our help center’s self-serve functionalities and email support, plus self-controlled user-based intelligence, improve customer satisfaction while increasing product sales and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Customer feedback notification and every expression of dissatisfaction across different product lines will be resolved promptly and appropriately using any channel of the customer’s choice. This will help change the perception of your brand in addition to giving you information on the products that need improvement.


Meeting Center

No longer are instant messaging and live chat a novelty, but they have matured into serious sales and support tools. Offer your customers a direct response, on-platform CRM for NOW communications.


Help Center

Complete your customer experience with responsive access to self-service support with our email-based center.  Using a unique FAQ and ticket control system, customers can self-locate answers to pre-prepared questions or submit queries that track issues through ticketing.



Give your customers control, delivered on your terms.  With our eCare Intelligence, provide a full view of their usage profile such as billing data, service credits, loyalty bonuses, credit balances, shipping progress and other metrics directly from their dashboard.

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