Aimed at helping providers and suppliers to meet up with their specific procurement objectives with features to handle both simple and large-scale sourcing projects to encourage stakeholder participation.

Identifying key suppliers for negotiation becomes very easy with our esourcing solution in addition to creating value propositions that cut costs and minimize risks.

Effective Supplier Matching System

Stay connected with our massive supplier base and have the opportunity to identify new sources of suppliers.

  • Get instant visibility into available and new supply opportunities
  • Minimize manual communication and marketing efforts
  • Have 24/7 access to manage business documentation including invoices, contracts, and purchase orders

RFQs & Requisitions

We have a cohesive central platform for all your source-to-pay operations. Manage the full scope of sourcing events, taking it from supplier invites and event creation to supplier negotiations. Easily manage quotes from single/multiple suppliers and negotiate the related terms.

Smart Contract Management (SCMP)

By leveraging Block chain technology, this solution can provide both physical and virtual visibility from the Manufacturer through GPO, Distributor and 3PL, all the way to the Point of Care. Optionally, commissions and rewards can be disbursed automatically by using Synthium’s own utility tokens (SHP) via smart contract option. This end-to-end feature will be especially useful for healthcare providers (such as hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices etc.) manufacturers, GPO’s and others.

SCMP provides transparency and visibility throughout the purchase process of medical supplies by integrating with various trading partners. The platform also supports Unique Device Identifiers (UDI), GTINs, UNSPSC Codes, Item master mapping, etc. All of these features enable its users to track their purchases/sales, effectively manage their contracts and know the rewards to be sent/received, all in near real time.

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