Buy Now Pay Later Spend to Reach $995 Billion Globally in 2026

Flexible Payment Plans for your business

Stop losing sales! Use versatile payment plans to seamlessly automate installment payments for products and services. Let your customers choose to pay you at a rate that matches their finances. As per Juniper Research, Buy Now Pay Later Spend to Reach $995 Billion Globally in 2026. Offering an alternative financing option can result in 17% increase in incremental sales and a 15% increase in average order value.

Online Shopping Directory

Checkout our growing list of online stores that offer payment plans through Synthium™ platform. We’re sure you'll find something you love. More merchants are being added very frequently, so make sure to check back again.

Boost sales and provide freedom for your customers

Link your shopping cart to the intuitive and easy to use Synthium™ platform’s customer checkout. Let your customers choose the terms that best fit their finances, increasing sales and conversation rate for your business.

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Increase sales and conversions by offering payment plans to your customers.

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Your customers will love you, even more.

Power to the people! Enable your customers to define how they want to pay for your product, because a happy customer is a returning customer.

Advantages for ecommerce stores

Synthium™ offers powerful payment platform packed with features that allow a single business user to easily manage thousands of active payment plans.

Simple Pricing

We will never charge any hidden fees – Synthium™ has very simple, transparent pricing. All fees and costs are included, even credit card/ACH processing fees.

  • Setup: $50 (One time)
  • Monthly: $50 Monthly Subscription
  • Transaction Fee:
    • ACH/eCheck: 3.9% + 30 cents per ACH transaction
    • Credit cards: 4.9% + 30 cents per credit card transaction

Features to help you grow sales and make payments easier

A customer comes into your online store, selects that ‘must have’ item and… abandons the cart! Sound familiar?

Adding payment plan functionality seamlessly to your ecommerce store lets your customers pay for the items they really want, but that they may not be able to purchase with a single payment. Setting the down payment, frequency and duration of payment plans make it easier for customers to make those big ticket purchases at a rate that suits their finances.

Easy Automated Payments

Automate your collections and bill customers according to your specifications with scheduled, automated payment plan payments.

Customers customize plans

Increase sales by offering payment plan terms that work for both you and your customers. Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set.

Flexible Manual Payments

Process already scheduled payments early, or process a custom payment in any amount and the remaining payment schedule is adjusted automatically.

US & Canada - ecommerce-ready

Synthium™ platform is available for businesses in the US and Canada and more features are being constantly added.

Total payment plan control

Set the down payment, frequency, term and any additional line item fees. Set your plans to fit perfectly with your business processes.

Industry leading security

Synthium™ platform features industry leading encryption and security best practices. We do not store any customer payment information.

Convenient merchant portal

Easily manage all of your payment plans, process payments, open payment plans and monitor payment plan activity

Automate communication

Automated emails for all payment plan activity to both merchants and customers makes it easy to manage payment plans.

Cash in the bank!

Monitor your payment performance in Synthium™ platform and have your payments automatically deposited into your bank account.

Convenient client portal

Clients easily manage all of their payment plans, process payments, open payment plans and monitor payment plan activity.

Simple Pricing

We'll never charge any hidden fees – Synthium™ has simple and transparent pricing. All fees and costs are included, even credit card/ACH processing fees.

4.9% + 30 cents per credit card transaction

3.9% + 30 cents per ACH transaction

Use Cases

Medical & Dental

If you have a medical office or provide medical services, your focus is on treating your patients and not dealing with the hassle of collections. Many medical treatments are expensive and cause stress for the patients, as well as difficulty for your office.

Give your patients better payment options.

When patients have the flexibility that Synthium™ platform has to offer, then the focus is back on health care rather than financial details. Our payment plan software can streamline your operation, allowing you to emphasize patient care.

Synthium™ can assist doctors, dentists, orthodontists, personal physicians and any other medical services provider. Your patients will pay sooner when a customized, automated payment plan which suits their finances, is available.

Streamlined billing process.

It is to everyone’s benefit when the stress associated with paying is avoided. The simplicity and ease of our custom flexible payment plan option will allow your staff to work more efficiently and focus on providing care to your patients.

Our payment plan software lets you spend more time working with patients and less time having your staff deal with the difficulty of medical collections. Let Synthium™ platform streamline your medical collections and watch your revenue increase.

Medical Manufacturers and Medical Suppliers

By offering payment plans, you can increase sales.