The market for healthcare supplies includes over half-a-million medical and non-medical products and services. The growth is driven by an increase in the aging population across the world and rising awareness toward controlling hospital acquired infections. The rate at which the aging population is growing is giving rise to an increase in hospitalizations and other related procedures, thus driving the demand for hospital supplies. The disposable hospital supplies segment is the largest contributor to the hospital supplies industry, accounting for more than 44% of the total market revenue.

Medical providers are undergoing complex challenges to optimize their supply chain systems and contain costs, while medical suppliers are interested in getting their brand in front of these providers. Medical suppliers are striving to integrate with advance technology to automate processes and optimize workflow, which in turn reduces the cost of doing business and is extended to the cost of goods sold. The desired outcome is a seamless process through which healthcare suppliers and providers are aligned.

The advanced technological platform developed by Synthium Health streamlines processes, showcasing supplier products that healthcare providers can quickly review and purchase to meet the needs of their patients, with great ease. It is a cloud-based platform designed to connect and deliver advanced technology supply chain solutions at a fraction of the cost when compared to similar platforms.

What do all healthcare partners – Suppliers, Providers, Payers, Patients – want?

  • Lower cost / lower cost of doing business
  • High quality products (improvements, not incremental additions)
  • Healthy patients and better outcomes
  • Growth of business