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What We Can Do For You

Recent studies show that most hospitals operating budget are incredibly increasing by 45% due to materials management. Besides, above 30% of that cost can be ascribed to only supply costs – that is massive!

Interestingly, there is an increase in hospitalizations and other related procedures due to the upsurge in the aging population, thus driving the demand for hospital supplies. The disposable hospital supplies segment is the largest contributor to the hospital supplies industry, accounting for more than 44% of the total market revenue.

Then how can this be beneficial to you as a manufacturer, supplier, or a hospital administrator?

Unfortunately, instead of gaining from the increased demand for healthcare services, medical providers are currently undergoing complex challenges to optimize their supply chain systems and contain costs, while medical suppliers find it difficult to get their brand in front of these providers.

To reduce the cost of doing business, medical suppliers strive to integrate with advanced technology to automate processes and optimize workflow and to find a seamless process through which healthcare suppliers and providers can be aligned.

This is where Synthium health’s revolutionary platform comes into the picture

The platform acts as a shared infrastructure that can be used by manufacturers, suppliers and clinicians to minimize material handling, reduce cost, optimize revenue circle and ensure linkages to proper clinical systems and operations.

The value proposition and benefits of joining Synthium health community as a stakeholder in the healthcare value chain is simply amazing!

  • Your companies inter – and-intra organizational processes can be integrated
  • The integration of order processes with distribution and product standardization can be seamless
  • Improve visibility, compliance and create predictability
  • Product visibility can be achieved through integration with providers
  • Achieve optimum transparency in your system of records because the transaction is stored in the blockchain.
  • Drive contract compliance

Synthium health eliminates the difficulties militating against the integration and coordination of processes along the healthcare supply chain which is caused by mandating authority, the absence of strong leadership and organizational culture.

We have provided what the suppliers, providers, payers, and patients want – then, all you need to do is join us to revitalize your business so it could become more profitability.

What do all healthcare partners – Suppliers, Providers, Payers, Patients – want?

  • Lower cost / lower cost of doing business
  • High quality products (improvements, not incremental additions)
  • Healthy patients and better outcomes
  • Growth of business