Marketing & Sales

Gain Business-Wide Visibility By Attracting, Engaging and Converting The Right Prospects

With a unified shopping experience for your customers made possible by the integration of the Synthium platform and Blockchain technology – you are on the right track of achieving all your business goals.

Synthium Health provides the tools you need to create effective marketing campaigns that attract new customers, drive conversion and build long-lasting relationships with existing ones.  We help you set-up, manage and optimize cross-channel marketing for personalized experiences across all touch-points – social, mobile and email.

Our single system centralized process will ensure you have the consistent order flow as well as the ability to:

  • Handle large order volumes
  • Automate your back office
  • Speed up returns
  • Improve efficiency and create loyal customers.

Take control of your back office, marketing and sales with exceptional mastery:


Discounts & Promotions

Incentivize prospective buyers by using Synthium Health’s promotions engine that allows for scheduling, launching and tracking the success of your discounts and promotions.  Execute multiple promotions at a time, tiered volume discounts, min/max targeting and cross-channel promotion exchanges.  Use our web analytic tool that provides back-end reports for measuring the effectiveness of your promotions.



Build awareness and drive traffic to your Synthium Health digital commerce site, letting prospects and customers know what you have to offer.  No matter your budget, we work with you to create pay-per-click, display, video and social advertising campaigns that help grow your business.


Customer Segmentation

Boost conversion and orders by targeting your customers through segmentation.  With Synthium Health, you can define and populate market segments to personalize marketing campaigns, based on purchasing behavior, demographics, visits, geography and other attributes.


Social Commerce

Drive ecommerce growth and build lasting relationships with customers through social technologies like blogging, micro-blogging, forums, communities, reviews and ratings, and sharing. We integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest to help you connect and foster network participation with customers, while enhancing their experience with your brand. Take advantage of our built-in reputation management tool that monitors social media to find out what customers are saying about your brand and products, so you can counter negative media with positive content.



Provide your customers added insight into your business, products and services on Synthium Health’s own webinar platform.  Invite up to 200 registered attendees for meetings using PowerPoints, pdf’s and video conferencing, while engaging them with integrated conference calling and Q&A features for productive interaction.

Experience the Synthium Health Supply Chain Management Platform