Medical Devices Sales Reps

Medical Devices Sales Reps

Sell more with Synthium Health

Introducing a new networking and ecommerce platform designed specifically for healthcare stakeholders. The Synthium platform is the place to be if you want to excel at what you do. Selling medical devices is a lucrative and challenging job.  Sell more by using Synthium Health.

Today, an E-commerce platform is essential for the expansion of your company, but creating, hosting, and maintaining your own website is very time-consuming and expensive.

By interacting with your clients and surgeons, you can now improve and grow your business while gaining a significant competitive advantage.

  • Present your products and assist surgeons virtually through livestreaming.
  • Streamline your sales process and eliminate redundant repetitive tasks to reduce costs, time drain, and increase sales revenue.


  • Explore business opportunities and more.
  • Reduce travel time and demonstrate products that cannot be transported through livestreaming / webinars.
  • Virtually assist surgeons in the use of medical devices.
  • Build a community and interact with them through chat and blogs.
  • Nominal cost to join.

The last thing a medical sales representative needs is the added stress of accounting details. And it doesn’t matter if your invoice contains one product or a hundred – dealing with your suppliers’ invoicing systems takes time away from securing business. Manual handling can result in mistakes, human error, and hours of time-consuming paperwork.

Synthium software is a complete solution, allowing you to manage all of your contacts in one place, manage medical products easily, and ensure that sales reps always provide the highest quality customer service. All of your billing options (including FlexiPay payment plans/options) can be set up ahead of time and applied exactly how you want them to be. Furthermore, Synthium allows you to manage your payment plans directly from your supplier’s product page, allowing you to increase cash flow regardless of your business model.

Payments from buyers are deposited directly into your seller account, with no holding period or escrow account. This will improve your cash flow.

Account management takes a lot of time away from doing what you love – serving your customers and landing new business opportunities – but it also takes you further away from your business goals/objectives.


Catalog management: Instantly update your Catalog, and offer special promotions and discounts.

  • You’ll keep your customers up to date with your products, product details, and pricing.
  • You’ll attract high quality ready to pay customers that already trust you more than other suppliers.

Online payment processing: Fast, stable and secure

  • Manage and keep track of your inventory, orders, billings, contracts and settlements.
  • RFQs
  • Cut down 600% on your transaction costs: You’ll only be paying 0.5% fees on your ACH payments.

Blogs: Publish content to inform your customers about your products in an engaging blog format

  • You’ll significantly increase customer retention and turn them into advocates for your business. As little as a 5% increase in customer retention has been shown to increase profits by 25% to 95%.
  • You’ll boost your organic traffic (SEO), getting more and more customers without spending money on marketing.

Sales management:

  • Easily manage all your reps online.
  • Streamline your sales process and eliminate redundant repetitive tasks to cut down on your costs, time drainage, and boost your sales revenue.

Customer support:

  • Use live chat/chat bot to gain insights about what your customers are looking for, the problems they face, and how to improve their experience even more.
  • Improve your reputation and popularity and set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Build a strong lasting relationship with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Reports and analytics: Gain access to a constant treasure of reports and data about your process

  • You’ll be able to look deeper into all the details and analysis and know exactly what went right and what went wrong.
  • And then use this data to optimize your process, improve risk management, cut costs, and increase your revenue.

Others: Medical product knowledge, Anatomy, calendar, medical news, FDA recalls and more

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$30/user/month (if paid annually)

$50/user/month (if paid monthly)

First month FREE trial and you will be billed after the completion of 30 days.

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