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Why You Should Join?

The pandemic has changed how industries operate. It forced them to adapt and improve old practices to meet the new demand levels. At Synthium, we understand this scenario and designed accelerator program for boosting your business multifold. We only have 20 slots into the pilot program.

Our Accelerator platform will give you, as a supplier, the full force of industry-specific digitalization. This will let you:

  • Cut down 600% on your credit card transaction costs: You’ll only be paying 0.5% fees on your ACH payments.
  • Optimize transportation (LTL and TL) costs by participating in the largest pool of truckers/carriers network in North America.
  • Grow by managing B2B and D2C (Amazon, Walmart and more) sales channels from Synthium platform
  • Improve/automate receivable/collection process
  • Manage complexities of your sales channels effectively
  • Gain flexibility and efficiency
  • Greater funding options through our upcoming lender marketplace where financial institutions compete for your business (secured/unsecured debt and commercial funding). With additional funding options at lower costs, you can bring products to market quicker.

The medical supplier accelerator program

Simplify your operations with one platform

Medical suppliers and manufacturers are often juggling many different tasks at once, all while making sure to service customers in a timely fashion. It’s no wonder that the average medical supplier spends 6 hours per day on administrative work alone and are being forced to navigate an ever-changing healthcare industry landscape. That’s why we created our medical supply accelerator program to take care of all your procurement needs for you at no additional cost.

The first medical supply company accelerator

The Medical Supplies Accelerator program is designed to simplify the complexities of managing a successful business by providing access to best practices, practical advice and mentorship from seasoned professionals in the medical supplies industry. Medical supplier accelerator program is design for medical suppliers/manufacturing companies.

The Medical Supplier/Manufacturing Accelerator Program is designed to make payment management, trucking, lending, analytics and more. It makes automate payment collections. Analyze collection process may be eligible for customized strategy on our platform.

Improve cash flow

Improve your cash flow by lowering credit card processing fees, automating payment collections, and accessing our lending platform.

Our in-house custom processing solution offers competitive fee structure. By using ACH option, you can further reduce the credit card processing on B2B payments.

Stop wasting time with manual tasks

Stop wasting time on manual processes, and optimize your business by automating your payment collections. 

Lower transportation costs

Reduce your transportation costs by up to 30% with a Trucking Platform. Whether you frequently distribute Full Truck Loads or Less Than Truck Loads, our efficient logistics network, carefully built throughout the years, will be at your full disposal.

Make more time to focus on your company

The medical supplier accelerator program will make it easier for you to manage your business. With a single platform, you’ll be able to manage both B2B and B2C relationships through integration with Amazon, Walmart and others. You’ll also be able to automate payment collections and analyze your collection process for customized strategy. 

Custom Analytics & Automated Push Reports

Data is king. Modern business models are based strictly on real information. To make the best decisions possible, any business must rely on its data as a starting point.

Lending Solutions (Upcoming)

Access to our online network of financial organizations (banks, credit unions, etc.) for different funding options. Our Lending Platform can help you get the funding you need to grow your business. Competition ensures you’ll always get the best rates possible.

Apply To Join

I would like to apply for accelerator program and gain boost to my business. There is no sign up cost for the pilot program. Due to our limited capacity, we can offer the opportunity to limited number of businesses. We would like to handhold the selected businesses where we can benefit them the most.

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