Product Visibility

Producers, suppliers, and hospitals continuously record revenue losses up to six-digit dollar figures because drugs and other products become expired and obsolete in their stores. The inability of most producers and suppliers to make their products visible to hospitals, clinics and other end users is the cause of this tremendous revenue loss to the industry.

Most suppliers and producers who record revenue losses due to expired products do not have the technological infrastructure and expertise to overcome the incredibly complex nature of the healthcare supply chain.

More so, technological limitations and the lack of business intelligence applications, product forecasting, and critical supply chain metrics leading to missed charge capture opportunities, overstocking, and inventory shrinkage compounds the problems of product visibility.

However, with Synthium Health Value-Based Supply Chain Management Platform, suppliers, producers and every stakeholder in the healthcare sector can be projected to our global membership network with thousands of provider websites, suppliers, finance and clinical professionals.

They can have unlimited access to key metrics and applications via interactive charts for market evaluation, product forecasting, contract match percentages, order conversion rates, etc.

Other benefit includes and not limited to:

  • The possibility to generate more sales and revenue on the platform
  • Achieve brand recognition and equity
  • Get product leadership and competitive advantages in the marketplace
  • Leverage the medical provider members-only network to exceed performance benchmarks
  • Increase share of voice and gain market share
  • Enhance product visibility to a purchase-ready audience
  • Influence highly engaged, in-market shoppers

With a trail-blazing and user-friendly dashboard, customers can access exclusive features integrated on the member zone to evaluate their key performance indicators (KPIs), achieve more operational efficiency, gain greater visibility through supply chain automation and save more money.

Synthium Health has features, and other benefits you can’t help but check out: and our customer service representatives are down-to-earth in explaining and resolving any issues members may have – we are committed to the best possible customer experience.

Using our platform will make your products stand out on a crowded shelf. We urge you to act with a sense of urgency and join us to stay on tract and exceed your performance objectives. We promise you the absolute best user experience on the Synthium health platform.