Reporting & Analytics

Predictive analysis and collaboration capabilities are the way forward for producers and manufacturers, and the Synthium platform presents the opportunity.

Through demand-driven supply chain analysis, the Synthium platform will help providers and suppliers to identify their strength and weaknesses and proffer strategic solution for advancement. With the generated report, providers and suppliers will be most ready to lead in consolidation and collaboration initiatives which will be critical factors that will determine their organization’s success in the nearest future.

Using our exclusive dashboard reporting and analytics on inventory, sales trends, site health, marketing campaigns, product reports and customer behaviors. You can also view data through graphical snapshots, trend graphs and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards.

If you desire to get aligned with your customer’s needs and to be a top player in the healthcare value chain, then, it is time to get registered and enjoy all the goodies Synthium has to offer.


A/B Testing

Maximize the success with ecommerce conversions with Synthium Health’s A/B split testing by comparing the performance of single variations of marketing content. Test items such as email subject lines, product descriptions, promotional copy and graphics to improve elements that are critical to drive sales


Trends Analysis

Discover and act upon trends at a glance, or zoom in for details with key metrics such as revenue, profit, customer acquisition, and order volumes deriving from various channels (web, social, mobile and email). Compare metrics month over month and year over year to gain insight into your customer base or specified segments.


Purchase Behaviors

Increase retention rates and optimize purchase frequency with our customer analysis tool.  Peer into customer behaviors of cart abandonment and reorder patterns, track email campaigns to understand what works best, and access customer statistics and contact histories to understand buying behaviors in terms of recency, frequency and total spend.


Performance Data

Leverage data and analysis by tracking and analyzing your website, product and sales performance through analytics that drive overall performance and profitability.  Direct drill-down allows for easy analysis of custom KPIs, displayed as scorecards.

Experience the Synthium Health Supply Chain Management Platform