Your opportunity to achieve an enviable business growth

Consolidating sales channels, inventory and customers data can be very challenging when you experience an increased customer base. However, with Synthium scalable solution that is integrated with Blockchain technology, you can effortlessly manage greater layer of complexities in your business.

With your Synthium dashboard, you have all the tools to automate most time-consuming processes and reduce administrative overhead. The bottleneck that brings about the error, delay and eventual dissatisfaction from the customer is removed, and you will also enjoy:

  • Greater customer insight
  • Optimized financial reporting
  • Improved customer communication to build an enviable business relationship
  • Exceptional business process automation

Loyalty Management

Drive repeat sales with Synthium Health’s point-based loyalty tool, where independent points are accumulated per customer, configured per website.  Award your customers at different accumulation levels with loyalty points that are managed by customizing settings by value-per-dollar spending amounts and product-level points.


Guided Selling

Create your own business rules for cross-selling, up-selling and add-ons to increase order sizes by offering relevant product suggestions.  Buyers can easily and quickly locate compatible products of the same product family or accessory products, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and fewer product returns.


Product Showcasing

Navigate customers through your site by showcasing products on gateway pages with product sliders, carousels and quick-view tags, detailing product information and rich content upon rolling over.


Product Comparison

Offer your customers a side-by-side comparison of features and attributes of two or more of your products, without them having to click back and forth from one product page to another.  Our “add to cart” functionality leads to increased purchases.


Quick Order and Product Favorites

Offer your customers this time-saving tool to bucket and access bucket favorite products by name or SKU, for repeat orders.


Single-Page Checkout

Reduce checkout abandonment with a checkout page that clearly defines purchases, images and costs with checkout in two easy steps, all on one page.

Discover the extraordinary benefits of Synthium