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Unlock Power of Your Healthcare Data with Data Doctor

Generate more revenue and cut down on your costs while saving more lives

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Benefits of using Data Doctor are endless

With our innovative data analytics platform, you can achieve the following benefits:
  • Clear visualization of data patterns and hidden insights
  • Accurate prediction of future outcomes
  • Increased revenue and cost containment
  • Early detection and prevention of epidemics and diseases

    Experience a new breakthrough in healthcare technology with Data Doctor.
  • 1. Gain hindsight

    Visualize and understand what already happened in the past.

    2. Gain insight

    Predict what’s going to happen in the future.

    3. Optimize

    Act based on that treasure of information to make better decisions that improve the quality of healthcare and increase your sales revenue.

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    Massive impact on your bottom line

    1. Implement data-driven supply chain management

    It has been shown that hospitals can easily reduce their expenses by 17.8% saving up to 23 billion dollars per year just by using analytics in supply chain management.

    2. Boost the productivity of your staff

    Boost the productivity of your staff by using data-driven strategic allocation measures to assign them to the right place at the right time.

    3. Discover and eliminate inefficiencies like prolonged hospital stay.

    Beaufort Memorial hospital in South Carolina figured they could have saved roughly $435,000 just by discharging patients half a day earlier.

    4. Minimize ER visits by utilizing preventative care

    Analytics could have saved the state of Minnesota 1.9 BILLION dollars in 2012. Those were the costs of 1.3 million unnecessary trips to hospitals and ER rooms.

    5. Clearly visualize and break down

    Clearly visualize and break down all the details and granular costs of your procedures effectively even for non-supply expenses.

    You can take advantage of all the benefits of big data using:

    Synthium's Data Doctor, your AI-powered Data Scientist

    Introducing Synthium's Data Doctor - the revolutionary software built by our team of dedicated data scientists and veteran software engineers. Years of studies, planning, development, testing, and refinement have gone into creating this easy-to-use analytics software that can be utilized by ANYONE to instantly visualize data.

    1. Equipped with “CTVE” (Create, Test, Validate, Evaluate) modeling mechanism to produce: Predictive, descriptive, and decision models.
    2. An advanced 3-step system (Load Training Set, Train Engine, Predict & Visualize) of predictive modeling to predict the trends
    3. Effectively tackle complex data challenges such as classification, regression, and time series analysis
    4. Instant recognition of attributes like CPT codes, ICD codes, HCPCS code, etc.
    5. Intelligent categorization of DRG and UNSPSC codes for intuitive prediction data visualization
    6. Our platform also leverages cutting-edge technologies and powerful machine learning algorithms, as well as intuitive data visualization tools, to deliver fast and reliable real-time analytics

    Enhance Patient Care with Data Doctor

    1. Optimize Staffing: Predict the expected number of patients at different times of the day to avoid overstaffing/understaffing issues
    2. Reduce Wait Times: Improve patient satisfaction by reducing waiting times that damage patient-doctor relationships
    3. Reduce Readmissions: Minimize readmission rates to dedicate more space and resources to patients that need it most
    4. Fast Data-Driven Decisions: Assist doctors in making fast, data-driven decisions by assessing disease risks, likely/differential diagnosis, and treatment plans based on the patient's medical history and available data
    And that’s just the beginning…