Synthium Plus

How Synthium+ Works:

The Synthium+ program is a paid monthly subscription that gives you direct access to participating manufacturers, access to our specially designed platform, and allows you to utilize the expertise of our Account Managers. As a healthcare provider, you will begin by setting up a provider account. Here you will have every tool you need to keep track of your inventory needs, place supply orders, access healthcare industry resources, and connect with peers.

To take full advantage of the Synthium+ program, once you are set up you will also be matched with one of our dedicated Account Manager’s in your local area. Our Account Managers are medical supply experts tasked with acting as your personal procurement assistant. Account Managers will leverage their expertise in the industry and relationships with supply manufacturers to save you time and money. They can close the gap between manufacturers and providers. This relationship will also allow you to have access to brand new products and supplies that may suit your needs.