The Big Question – Only 200 Million SHP Tokens. You Might Be Asking “How Do I Get Mine?”

There’s about a hundred good ways to make money with the blockchain right now, maybe more.

You can invest in Ethereum tokens and be off to the races. There’s a good chance ETH will rise for the rest of the year, with some caveats.

Or you can get in at the start of a historic new token and ride it to new highs.

I Want Mine. Save My Spot In The SHP Crowdsale

Our Token, SHP And The $70.265 Billion Healthcare Blockchain Opportunity

When founder and CEO Vijay Reddy launched Synthium Health in 2013, he saw an opportunity to make a difference.

The industry of healthcare supply chain management is a real-world case study of interconnectivity. Every day, suppliers of medical implants, surgical equipment and medical suppliers spend thousands of hours finding each other and dealing in digital and non-digital platforms. Opacity in the market means most deals have a great degree of inefficiency, for the buyer or seller. Our platform remedies this state of affairs by enabling health care supply chain automation in an open market.

Healthcare supply chain for implantable devices is a market worth $70.265 Billion Dollars in 2017, with the potential to grow 7.1 % year on year to $116 Billion market size in 2022.

Our work on Synthium Health will help smooth the growing pains of this emerging industry and create ultra-fast price discovery and transaction closing in on healthcare supply chains.

Synthium Health makes it possible to instantly find what you are looking for on the market without spending hours prospecting on the phone and trawling hundreds of websites.

When you find what you want, you can buy it or sell it using units of SHP, our all new token for the health care supply chain business.

A Token With Real Use That Appreciates In Price And Usefulness Over Time

With SHP, we did not want to launch just another token that crowds the market and takes up bandwidth.

No way!

We take the underlying healthcare supply chain industry business all too seriously.

Vijay and the team have spent in excess of 27,000 man-hours fine-tuning the technology and automation of healthcare supply chains since 2013.

7 days from now, we go live with the SHP token.

We are now bringing to you a project that has the potential to gain market share within the medical supply chain, and that’s BIG business. Healthcare is becoming a bigger and bigger portion of overall economic prospects for the U.S. and other advanced economies.

The SHP token will be the medium of exchange on the Synthium Health platform, enabling buyers and sellers to settle transactions.
Help Me Get My SHP

Fixed Supply, Powering Real Time Supply Chains In Health Care Industry = Maximum Upside For SHP Token Holders

We are only issuing 200 Million tokens in this token generation event. The price of the token starts with $.65 and 20% off during the pre-sale period and fluctuates based on the demand for it.

With SHP being used to buy and sell actual medical supplies and settle transactions, there should be a natural level of price support. In the real world, SHP stands for substantial value in the form of transactions it handles.

As always there are risks attached. However, with a solid all-star team and board of advisors, Synthium Health’s token represents a huge opportunity for an early investor.

When you take part in the successful crowdsale, your early wins may pay off well enough to allow you to reinvest in new blockchain businesses or stay on. Long term winnings will also be a lucrative prospect for those who got the tokens ahead of the market. But, as always, it is prudent to take profits when markets are high.

Over the next few weeks, our SHP token goes on crowdsale.

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