Why Synthium

Synthium Health Is The Right Solution For You

Although transactions in the healthcare supply chain run into billions of dollars, unfortunately, most stakeholders are missing out on the pie due to incomplete, duplicate and missing information which leads to a great loss in revenue, reduced charge capture and the inability to gain visibility in the highly competitive marketplace.

Clinicians get frustrated and sometimes confused with manually documenting supplies and settlement processes which leads to disjointed medical service delivery.

Synthium health provides the solution.

Our platform is not just about managing or ordering for supplies electronically – it goes beyond the ordinary!

  • It helps you validate the manufacturer, product and supplier information
  • Synthium health matches order to contract pricing
  • Updates data with the speed of light
  • Drastically eradicates inaccurate and excessive amount of paperwork
  • Eliminates the third party by connecting the providers and suppliers in a single community thereby reducing potential losses in revenue
  • Offers a seamless blockchain solution that removes the challenges in payment

Synthium health was designed to resolve technological and resource limitations that have been a challenge to producers, purchasers, and providers. By using our platform, stakeholders who were limited to technological resources and staff can conveniently operate in a more efficient and cost-effective way without involving third parties that might complicate the whole process.

Making Your Company Visible In A Clustered and Highly Competitive Marketplace

Without visibility, most producers and suppliers will be kicked out of the marketplace by established corporations, and they will lose out on the millions of dollars in circulation.

More so, some producers and suppliers cannot forecast production, procurement and logistics.

Then how will they survive?

Synthium health provides a shared infrastructure that will help you connect with the healthcare community and create that visibility you’ve been longing for.

Additionally, you will have access to accumulated data for forecasting and demand planning.

This is the leverage needed to take your business to the next level!

As a manufacturer, supplier or clinician, you can focus more on your business and less on I.T because Synthium Health’s resilient platform will deliver the speed, agility, security, availability, and scalability that is right for you.  We make sure our innovative commerce practices, and evolution will keep your business growing, without the need to think about software, maintenance, and upgrades.

What are you waiting for?

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